How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and Overworked

Feeling overwhelmed can disrupt you from achieving your set goals. You may have planned to accomplish certain tasks in a day, but it can be hard for you to achieve your set goals if you become overwhelmed each day you are trying to achieve the set goals. First, you should identify the reason why you are overwhelmed and try to fix the problem. There are several ways you can tackle the problem of being overworked. Here are ways on how to stop feeling overwhelmed and overworked:


Start your day by tackling the most difficult tasks

There are some tasks which make you become overwhelmed each time you try to figure out how to tackle them. You will easily tackle such tasks if you can wake up in the morning and start with such tasks early in the morning. Remember it is possible for you to tackle the difficult tasks early in the morning when your mind is fresh, and your energy levels are high.


Get organised

If you stay in a cluttered environment, then you will definitely become overwhelmed when you try to do certain things. You will become overworked trying to locate items which you need to tackle different tasks. It is necessary to take few minutes before you leave your office and organise it. If you can know where all files and office accessories which you use are located, then it will be easy to tackle different tasks in your office without feeling overworked.

Manage your energy

For you to tackle different tasks in your life and achieve the best, you should always be prepared to utilize positive energy. Avoid wasting your energy on things which don’t matter. Some people may be out to discourage you. They can offer negative comments which can end up hindering you. But, you can do yourself a great favour and achieve more in your daily routine if you can ignore such people and move on with your life, concentrating on things which matter to you.


Avoid perfectionism

Some people will take a lot of time trying to perfect. Being a perfectionist will waste a lot of your time and even end up overworking you. Follow the right steps when doing different tasks and never mind reaching perfection. It is necessary to do things the right way but you should avoid over analysing the tasks provided you follow the right procedures. Not everything you tackle is very important; there are others which require less attention.


Have confidence in yourself

Knowing that you are good enough to tackle different tasks will avoid cases where you will become overwhelmed. If you are employed to undertake certain tasks, then you should know you were given the job because you are capable and you should swing into action and tackle your duties without hesitation. Lack of confidence will make you start repeating processes over and over which can waste a lot of your time and make you feel overwhelmed in the long run.


Focus on your work

There are several distractions which can be flowing by as you work. For you to avoid being overwhelmed, it is necessary always to try and focus on what you are doing at a time. The focus will prevent you cases where you will end up making mistakes which can waste a lot of your time trying to correct.


Shift your perspective

If you sit for too long, there are high chances you will become overwhelmed. You can avoid the feeling of being exhausted if you can change your perspective. Wake up and walk to the library. Change your desk and even move out for a short break for you to get refreshed so that you can avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed.


Share the load

The act of delegating task will play a great role in helping you get rid of being overworked. Other people in your office can tackle specific tasks. It will be easier for you to share specific tasks which will help you ease the burden of having to tackle everything on your own. Remember there are times when you can get a lot of work which makes it hard for you to tackle it and accomplish on time. You should choose individuals whom you know can tackle the job and delegate.

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