3 Awesome PowerPoint Alternatives for WOW! Presentations

Love them or Loathe them slide presentations are now indispensable to most business.

They can be used to highlight a product for potential customers, attract investors, or let your employees know how the company is doing.

This list of alternatives to PowerPoint should give you a few markers on what software can be used to create impressive presentations.

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Presentations Can be Interesting

Alternative #1: PowToon

One of the most interesting alternatives to Microsoft’s PowerPoint is PowToon, a cloud-based software that is relatively new on the scene.

Its online functionalities mean that you can create animated presentations and videos inside the application, and then export them to YouTube.

Alternatively, you can use the PowToon online viewer to display your presentations.

This software must always have an Internet connection available to display properly, so make sure to double-check connectivity before you start your meeting.

In terms of capabilities, this software can do wonders for your slideshows.

Introducing animated elements into the mix can be done very fast, and the integration is seamless.

This product might be just what you need to make your presentations stand out.

Alternative #2: Prezi

If you are in the habit of creating presentations that require constant skipping between slides, then Prezi may become your new best friend.

The cloud-based software allows for the creation of non-linear presentations, where you can zoom in an out of your slides whenever you want. This makes for very exciting presentations.

Using this software, you can create a single canvas to contain all of your slides, and then move from one to the other.

You can do so either directly, or by zooming out of a slide, and then zooming in on the other.

Alternative #3: SlideRocket

The third major alternative to PowerPoint is SlideRocket, an online presentation platform that allows you to create multimedia-rich slideshows.

You can use a variety of authoring tools to introduce audio and video files into the mix.

Adding photos from sources such as Flickr and other dedicated websites is also very easy.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of SlideRocket is that you can have people from your entire company working on it.

You can create slides via cooperative efforts, so this will drastically increase your employees’ involvement in the process.

The end product will resemble more of a conversation than a presentation.

SlideRocket also enables you to create slides that you can use multiple times. You can create a library of standard slides that your employees can use in several presentations.

When you update a slide, the change automatically occurs throughout all presentations featuring it.


There is no single stand out alternative to using PowerPoint.

You have a wide range of software to choose from when it comes to replacing Microsoft’s flagship presentation program.

It falls to you to select an application that corresponds with how dynamic your company is, and how you want it to be perceived by others.

Regardless of the platform you choose, make sure that you or your employees master it before showing clients any presentations.

As you know the content and delivery is generally far more important than the software used.


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